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aka: "Wyle E. Dingo"

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slick (slk)
(adj.) 3. Shrewd; wily.
(n.) 3 characterized by subtlety or nimble wit : CLEVER; (especially : WILY <a reputation as a slick operator>)



3. Having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters


Slick was rescued from the Broward County (Florida) Animal Care And Regulation Division on 13 July 2005. The posting on their website had a picture of her from a few months earlier. Although the image was vague and her size would be bigger now, the focal point was that she was a "mutt"! It is unknown as to what type of terrier she is mixed with, but it was originally thought (because of her pointy ears) that she was part German Shepherd. But after examining picture of her side-by-side with picture of Dingoes, it would be logical that she indeed has some Dingo in her.

The ACARD (animal shelter) checked her for any health problems that she had and spayed her before they would release her to me. Dr. Sami Sullivan followed up treatment with a second deworming shot. And later with a full examination on 28 September 2005, in order to transport her to (St. Louis) Missouri.

Her adventures as Les Miller's "best friend" are the focus of this group of webpage’s. It will be a pleasure to inform everyone that is concerned with the well-being of the dog named "Slick".

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Montage reference guide:

 sitting pose
(1st snow)
11 mos.

»  Slick's bed
7 mos.

»  standing pose
(1st snow)
11 mos.

»  sitting pose
9 mos

»  sitting pose
9 mos

»  @shelter

»  1st
6 mos.


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