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Dingo & SLICK


(Australian Native Dog)

Dingo - Australian Native Dog
This is Lindy, a Dingo raised as a pet
Photo Courtesy of Nic Papalia
Photo taken by Jamie Sciban




The Dingo has intense eyes that vary in color from yellow to orange. The very mobile, small, rounded ears are naturally erect. The well furred, appearing bushy, tail is relaxed and has good length. The hindquarters are lean and muscular. The coat is soft. It's length, density, and texture vary according to climate. Typical coat colors are yellow-ginger, but can occur in tan, black or white, including an occasional brindle; albinos have also been seen. All purebred Dingos have white hair on their feet and tail tip. Unlike most other breeds, Dingos do not have due claws.

(North American mutt)

This is SLICK,
a mutt raised by EARTHDOG!
Photo taken by Les Miller




Although I am not absolutely sure of her origin, I can only speculate as to what kind of "mutt" she really is. Her eyes are brown and she has a brindle coat of hair. The tail is that of a common terrier and does have a due claw. The ears are almost a giveaway (originally I thought that she might be part German Shepherd, and still do to an extent). But upon looking at her abdomen section and comparing it to the Dingo, I would have to conclude with the latter findings. SLICK is very playful with people and trainable. She learns fairly quickly of what is right and wrong. (It's just that she chooses to do wrong.)

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