Picture taken by ACARD

This is from the web ad from Animal Care And Regulation Division in Broward County (Florida)

First walk with Slick!

She was a very good girl! (I think she smelled the treat behind my back.)

Slick's first picture in freedom!

This is when I picked her up from ACARD. (Thanx, Captain Kirk, for helping me "beam her up"!)

Slick's happy owner!

Don't let the frown fool you! (And she's just shy at this point!)

Slick's own bed!

Someone threw out this child's seat/bed. Now whenever I tell her to go to her bed, she knows where to go!

The best smile I could get.

What was really hard, was getting her to sit still long enough to get the picture!

First Snow!

It seemed to be natural for her.

Favorite Pose

She always lifts her paw when she wants something. (Like not to be tied to the fence post.)

Something caught her eye!

It's either a bird or squirrel. She can't fly or climb trees, but don't tell her that!

In Alley - After Potty-Time

Now, get back in the heat and a treat!

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