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aka: "Wyle E. Dingo"

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A Retro Look at the Life of "Wyle E. Dingo" (SLICK)

For lack of time on my part...and on behalf Melanie & Kirk, I will start at the most recent (2 months) and work my way forward. Then, later, fill in the months prior to my move from South Florida.

At the beginning of October, after a couple of days of playing with Glenn's pit bull puppy, Slick was in the pet carrier, on the plane en route to Lambert-St. Louis Airport. Upon arriving at Pastor Don's house, she was greeted by Mia, (a Pug), the house dog. Unfortunately for Slick, Mia isn't very playful, or large enough to engage in the activity that she has recently grown accustomed to with Glenn's puppy. Most of the other residents of the small community have welcomed her 'playful,' aggressive behavior as somewhat normal.

She has been "sentenced" to the cage ("Thank you!", Melanie) for various reasons. Only on a couple of occasions, when we first arrived here, did she do a "duty", where she shouldn't have. After those couple of times, she has consistently, waited until I took her out. There have been numerous (unauthorized) "chew victims", but most of them have been personal items as opposed to other peoples. Nothing of any real value has been destroyed as of yet.

One of the problems that I first encountered with the plethora of people here, is their inclination to feed Slick from the table. (Mia is spoiled in that respect.) Since I have asked them not to, that predicament has ceased. Although, being 'slick', she will sniff around and even try to sneak her nose up under the coffee table to hopefully snatch something to eat. All in all, Slick is very mindful of me. She does most everything that I tell her to do (sometimes even the first time I say it) and knows where she belongs and where she doesn't. Her nose seems to have a mind of it's own and eventually gets her into trouble. (That is another reason I believe her to be part Dingo - the scavenger nature that she exhibits.)

When we first arrived, I slept on one of the couches in the living room, until Don could figure out where would be the best place to put us. We now reside in a room down in the basement (12' x 16') below the living room. There is an exit door to a carport area and another door to the alley so that I can take Slick out in the morning, without having to go up the stairs, and through the living room. (She loves to go up to everyone and either rub her cold nose on their leg or lick their face!)

The temperature has changed since we arrived (drastically compared to South Florida) with temperatures going into the 'teens'. I have been told that "this is nothing!" Slick seems to be adapting to the cold weather better than myself, although it is not as bad as I had imagined. Today, Tuesday, 5 December 2005, was the first time I saw snow on the ground (up close) in my whole life, when I took Slick out this morning. She seems to have accommodated to this new environment, but she is fairly new to everything as it is. Unlike myself who grew up in a more tropical will take me a little bit longer to adjust.


Montage reference guide:

 sitting pose
(1st snow)
11 mos.

»  Slick's bed
7 mos.

»  standing pose
(1st snow)
11 mos.

»  sitting pose
9 mos

»  sitting pose
9 mos

»  @shelter
3 mos.

»  1st
6 mos.


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